ATM, debit & credit card safety

There is more than convenience to think about when using your cards. You must also consider safety, especially when using an ATM.

-Use ATMs in well-lit, public areas. If possible, have a friend accompany you.

-When using an ATM, always be aware of your surroundings. Leave the area immediately if you feel there is something wrong or suspicious and report the circumstances to the police.

-If a suspicious person asks you to withdraw money from an ATM or offers to help you, refuse and leave.

-Be sure to look at ATMs before using them. If it looks like someone has tampered with the equipment, do not use it. A “skimmer” may have been attached to steal your financial information.

-Have your card ready to use before approaching the ATM.

-When using an ATM or Point-of-sale Terminal, position your body so that no one else can see you enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Memorize your PIN. Do not write your PIN on your card or anything kept with or near your card. Do not give your PIN to another person.

-Put your money and card away before you leave the ATM. Do not show or count your money until you are safely away from the ATM.

-Keep your transaction receipts until you have balanced your monthly account statement. Shred or destroy receipts before throwing them away.

-Report lost or stolen Unison Bank cards immediately to Unison Bank as soon as possible. If you card is stolen, you should also report it to the police.

-Sign your card on the signature panel as soon as you receive it.

-Review your statements regularly to ensure there are no suspicious charges. Contact Unison Bank immediately if you see a charge you don’t recognize.